It is a hard wood mainly used for boilers in dyeing units and tea processing units. Approximate calorific value is 4700 kcal/kg. It provides uniform heat in boilers.

This wood has wide variety of usage in Industries which have vertical and horizontal boilers. It serves as a main fuel in brick manufacturing units. Approximate calorific value ranges from 4200 kcal/kg to 5000 kcal/kg. It can burn well even when it is wet.

This wood is suitable for Industrial boilers, restaurants, small brick manufacturing units and bakeries. It usually comes as big logs. Split wood is also available for small usage. Approximate calorific value is 4300 kcal/kg.

It is mainly used in high level heat requiring units like steel mills and it is usually comes in big logs. Approximate calorific value is 4850 Kcal/kg. Burning duration is very high.

It satisfies the need of domestic usage. It is suitable for Small restaurants, tea shops, road side stalls and bakeries etc. It burns very quickly. Dry Eucalyptus wood is available any time. Approximate calorific value is 4700 kcal/kg.

This is the combination of all the above said woods. It is usually economical when compared to the other woods. It is used in many boilers and stoves. It is suitable for cooking in functions and catering units.